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Journey Start (Farming)

Ilavanam is locally known as Velliyan Thottam and started its farming journey in Dec 2017.Ilavanam is a one-acre farm located in Tiruppur,Tamilnadu. We people of ilavanam grown in city without farming background.


Moved Organic(nammalvar)

We learned from nammalvar the importance of organic farming and have made the switch to this sustainable practice. We also follow his principles of Poison Free Food, Traditional Medicine, Education beyond the norm, and supporting rainfed agriculture farmers.


Uzhavodu Vilayadu(Youtube)

In Oct,2020 Monisaanth from Ilavanam initiated a YouTube channel called “Uzhavodu Vilayadu” and began sharing videos on organic farming and embracing a natural way of life.


Business Started(Ilavanam)

In July, we officially named our farm Ilavanam. We planted Nendran bananas on our farm, but when we sold them in the market, we received very low prices. So, we decided to add value to the Nendran bananas by turning them into Nendran Banana powder. We did a lot of research with the technical support of Krishi Vigyan Kendra (KVK). Starting from September, we began selling the product under the same name as our farm, Ilavanam.


Velanmai Semmal Award(2022)

Banumathi, founder of Ilavanam, received the Velanmai Semmal Award from the Honourable Agricultural Minister of Tamil Nadu for her achievement as an entrepreneur in organic cultivation and value addition of Nendran Banana using solar dehydrators.


Website Launch(2023)

Monisaanth, Banumathi's son, is a web developer who works at an IT firm. In his free time, he created Ilavanam's website to assist his mom.