About Us

“Ilavanam Farm in Tiruppur is all about living sustainably. Their motto isn’t about making a lot of money from farming, but rather about living happily and healthily and sharing with others. 😊🍃”
Founder of Ilavanam : Banumathi

From where all of this started?

Ilavanam is a one-acre farm located in Tiruppur. Since 2019, we have been dedicated to organic farming. Our inspiration comes from the teachings of Nammalvar, a visionary who advocated for poison-free food, open education, traditional medicine, and uplifting rainfed farmers to improve their livelihoods.

In 2019, Monisaanth from Ilavanam initiated a YouTube channel called “Uzhavodu Vilayadu” and began sharing videos on organic farming and embracing a natural way of life. In September 2021, we launched our first value-added product, Nendran Banana powder. Ilavanam stumbled into the world of value-added foods by accident, driven by the challenge of not receiving fair compensation for the Nendran bananas grown on our farm.